Weekend Activities


around the fire

Head over to the fire pit. The fire pit is located behind the buildings on the train side just down from the swimming pool. You can’t miss it! S’mores time is 8 pm. We will have a s‘mores bag and stick waiting for you.

Movie Night


Enjoy a movie under the stars! There are blankets and chairs for your comfort.

glow-in-the-dark games

and gloving show

Who doesn’t love to play glow-in-the-dark games! There will be bowling, and glowing art to be set afloat in the water and enjoy a gloving light show!

Mesa Verde

around the fire

Meet on the pavilion to listen to your opportunities on how to experience Mesa Verde.


Activities For All Day! Every Day!

Relax in the serentity of our mountain resort, just 2 miles outside Durango, Colorado